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The UDIA Global Unit is guided by an expert Advisory Group, which consists of individuals representing internationally active members of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA). The Advisory Group meets on a quarterly basis to direct the activities of the Unit, and provide the diversity, international immersion and industry intelligence crucial to guiding the Global Unit in its future endeavours.  The role of group members is to provide advice at quarterly meetings that will steer the agenda of the Unit (no additional input is required outside of these meetings).  The primary focus is to expand networks and facilitate connections, growing the Unit and broadening its reach. 

Launched in 2017, the purpose of the UDIA Global Unit is to open doors and build bridges for our members, international developers and finance organisations. The UDIA Global Unit is a networking environment, an information hub, and an international community for all industry professionals operating in Victoria. The Global Unit delivers four events each year and welcomes development professionals from all backgrounds, assisting international players who may be new to the local property industry, and helping UDIA members forge meaningful relationships and discover new opportunities in an increasingly globalised world. Another key plank of this initiative lies in helping our existing members adapt in a globalised world. In light of policy and regulatory changes such as the Australian banks changing their lending limits to foreign buyers, tax increases on foreign investment, and China’s stricter capital controls.  Key areas of focus for the UDIA Global Unit include advocating for policy in support of international relations, providing the insight required for international members to make educated business decisions, and helping members forge global partnerships with investors looking to place capital with confidence.



Members of the UDIA Global Unit Advisory Group:

- Clement Lee, Managing Director – Riverlee

- Gary Cheung, Chief Financial Officer – Blueways Group

- Andrew Fortey, Director – PDS Group

- Nick Holuigue, Partner Development Maddocks

- Lu Xing, Director – Hengyi

- Gina McCartney (nee Thiedeman), Executive Manager Residential Marketing – REA Group

- Hugh Lu, Development Manager – Dahua Group

- Michael Argyrou, Joint Managing Director - Hickory

- Brae Sokolski, Chief Investment Officer, MaxCap Group

- Ivan Lam, Executive Manager - ASEAN Regions/ China - Charter Keck Cramer

- Kevin Brown, Managing Director – RPM Real Estate Group

- Simon Lee, Managing Director – STM Developments

- Angela Gaedke, General Manager – UDIA

- Hyatt Nidam, Advocacy & Communications Manager – UDIA

- Danni Addison, CEO - UDIA

The UDIA Global Unit Celebrates collaboration with The Asian Executive
At the heart of The Asian Executive and UDIA collaboration is the aspirational vision to encourage greater engagement between the Australian and Asian property sector business communities.   An increasing amount of quality residential property development projects are being delivered through genuine partnerships between Asian investors and developers, and local designers and project teams. The journey starts with the Asian client with an aspirational vision that goes beyond the bottom line, and a committed and passionate Australian project team that delivers on that vision. 



• Be a new voice on local issues for an increasingly important and sophisticated group of professionals in our international marketplace

• Build a cohesive and inclusive global community of industry professionals

• Activate international relationships via government activity

• Provide members with international heritage the knowledge, insight and contacts required to make educated business decisions in Victoria

• Connect international members with government, policy-makers, regulators and the wider urban development industry in Victoria

• Publicly recognise and promote the positive contributions of global industry professionals in Victoria’s residential property industry

• Inform all levels of government on global market information and requirements, and advocate for policy reform on issues affecting international investment conditions in Victoria

• Lead the discussion and public agenda on all matters of international property investment in Victoria

• Attract global capital to Melbourne and Victoria

• Run networking and event opportunities tailored to UDIA members with a rich international heritage

• Produce advocacy and market intelligence materials in Mandarin

• Provide education, assistance and professional development for new and existing entrants to the Victorian urban development industry



• UDIA Global Unit Advisory Group, established to guide strategy, policy initiatives and government relations in Victoria

• International Boardroom Lunches

• UDIA Global Outreach events covering topics such as leadership, diversity, finance and international relations

• Networking events, each with a welcome address by a prominent government official or regulatory body executive

• UDIA Advocacy Agenda for the Global Unit (available in Mandarin)

• UDIA Property Development Program tailored to suit international developers who are new entrants to Victoria, with Mandarin translator available

• Award and recognise global members through the Victorian UDIA Awards for Excellence program


Click here to read more about UDIA's Global Unit - English version
Click here to read more about UDIA's Global Unit - Mandarin version
Designed to prepare new-to-market and inbound professionals to do business in Melbourne’s residential property development sector

Program Outcomes and Target Audience

This 2-Day Intensive Masterclass is designed to introduce recent graduates and new-to-market, or inbound professionals to the areas of knowledge required to operate effectively in Victoria’s residential property development sector. Each session
is designed to provide a high-level understanding of the topics that will empower participants to do business in Victoria, and ask good questions of their project teams and consultants, and understand the answers.

Course content is presented by government officials and respected industry professionals who are active in the residential property development sector.


Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Dahua Group Australia, Hengyi, CBRE, Victorian Planning Authority, GHD, MaxCap Group, STM Developments, REA Group, Invest Victoria, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).


Content is delivered in a small group lecture format to encourage interactive discussion.

Who should attend?

  • Recent graduates
  • New-to-market professionals
  • Inbound investors and developers


Program Content

DAY 1 - Tuesday 21 August 2018

  • The Vision for Melbourne by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

  • Planning Framework by the Victorian Planning Authority

  • Melbourne Property Market & Financing Property

  • The Legal Framework

  • Land Acquisitions and Property Purchase and Sale

DAY 2 - Wednesday 22 August 2018

  • Due Diligence 
  • Planning Approval Processes
  • Income Tax, GST and Charges
  • Developing in Melbourne
  • Investing in Victoria

Program Pricing
Full 2-Day Program
UDIA Members  | $1,960 EX GST 
Non-Members  | $2,548 EX GST 
1-Day Rate
UDIA Members  | $980 EX GST
Non-Members | $1,274 EX GST


Proud Program Host - Clayton Utz
Level 18, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne

Download the brochure - English Version

Download the brochure - Mandarin Version