Renewing your UDIA Victoria Membership FY20 - 21

We know 2020 will not be the year we anticipated. In these difficult times, remember that our industry has proven its resilience time and time again. We will get through this.  

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic emerged, UDIA Victoria worked closely with our members and developed a COVID-19 Action Plan to ensure the development, building and construction sector can withstand this crisis and recover effectively. 

The future of our industry depends on Government and industry action, which will be guided by our COVID-19 Action Plan. 
Our advocacy will spearhead change and stimulus. This is the work that will be funded and delivered with your 2020-21 UDIA Victoria membership funds.  
During this crisis, we know the urban development industry needs us more than ever, and we are rising to the challenge. 

UDIA Victoria COVID-19 Action Plan: A realistic roadmap for the survival of Victoria’s development, building and construction sector. 

Phase 1: UDIA actions to keep the industry operating   

  • Demonstrate industry ability to implement health measures, enabling worksites to remain open for longer. 
  • Put the pressure on all levels of government to keep the wheels turning, so a pipeline of projects and development activity are approved for industry. 
  • Make a strong case to lift the threshold for payroll tax relief to $5 million, to cover more member companies.  

Phase 2: Our actions to build industry confidence  

  • Push government to invest in rapid planning approvals, to see industry through any sustained period of reduced activity. 
  • Convince government to review taxes and regulation, to encourage investment during this crisis. 

Phase 3: Our actions for a fast industry recovery 

  • Get government to overhaul their decision-making processes, enabling the fast re-commencement of works at volume. 
  • Advocate for government stimulus that will attract investment in new development as soon as possible.  
  • Establish industry as a key plank of the Victorian economy, so that we’re buffered from unnecessarily challenging policy and regulation in the future.  
With this Action Plan and our advocacy to government, we can assure you a strong return on your 2020-21 UDIA Victoria membership investment.  
We ask every member company to join the UDIA Board of Directors and renew their membership as a matter of priority. We need your to help secure the future of our sector.  


The importance of your membership  

Without doubt, we are in the fight of our lives. 

The Premier, the Treasurer, the Planning Minister and other senior members of the Victorian Cabinet are calling on us to put forward a united industry position.  Policy-makers are seeking guidance from the UDIA on the challenges our industry is facing, and calling on us to give them direction about the immediate actions we need them to take.  

Government is listening. Our advocacy and ability to influence their next moves is more important now, than ever before.  


Let’s stick together 


We know this is a difficult time for our industry. Rest assured we are working hard to advocate on your behalf to deliver value and a strong return on your 2020-21 membership investment.   

We’ve held our fees this year and have not increased UDIA Victoria’s membership fees since 2017.  We are doing everything we can to support our members. 

We are reviewing how we deliver member services and will be delivering FREE digital content and updates on critical information for your business and your entire team.   

We know it’s a difficult time so we encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns. Early renewal payments will be rewarded with two free 2020-21 event registrations and a free Premium Listing in the NEW online UDIA Members Directory. 

Email to pay your membership renewal now or refer to your inbox for your membership renewal invoice and follow the personalised link to pay your FY20-21 membership renewal.