• Common errors in plans lodged at titles office


    Common errors in plans lodged at titles office

    After receiving feedback from our membership in regards to the length of time taken for the registration of newly created lots, UDIA has met with the title registrar to advocate for faster turnaround times.

    Our efforts were successful, with LandUse Victoria (LUV) seeking to increase resources and capacity, enabling them to better manage and speed up the registration process. Since our meeting, timeframes for the registration of titles has decreased from 20 business days, to 17 business days.

    Additionally, LUV have provided UDIA with information on some of the most common errors which delay processing timeframes.

    We encourage you to take note of the below information; doing so will help ensure you are lodging plans that are correct and complete, and will help LUV respond promptly. Furthermore, to elevate pressure from more peaks in the lodgement of plans, the UDIA will be engaging with members to help inform LUV of when lodgments are expected to occur in the pipeline of developer projects. 

    Common sources of errors in plans lodged at LUV

    The figures below for Plan Acceptance relate to checking by one officer over 4 weeks late last year.

    The SPEAR statistics relate to the 2015-16 financial year.  We are unable to break down the types of requisitions from SPEAR any further than document type.

    Plan Acceptance ( 350 plans presented for lodgement)

    167 (48%) = Amendments to documents at lodgement   - eLodgement validations would resolve all of  these issues prior to submitting for lodgement
            64 (38%) = Date on form missing or incorrect
            22 (13%) = Lodging party information details missing or incorrect
            81 (49%) = Other amendments at lodgement including SPEAR number missing, Council name incorrect and Owners Corporation (OC) information inconsistent

    54 (15%) = Refusals at lodgement  (Regularly 25% to 35% of plans are refused weekly)
            20 (37%) = Incorrect CofT nomination
            16 (30%) = Incorrect fees  - once again eLodgement validations would resolve these two issues.
            18(33%) = Refused for a number of other reasons including OC information missing and plan not released in SPEAR for lodgement

    296(84%) = Lodged.  167 following amendment at plan acceptance plus 129 that were correct

    SPEAR  (Subdivision Act Registrations, including s23 applications -  10,086)

    2804 (approx. 28%) =  plans and associated documents requisitioned through SPEAR

    4395 = Total number of requisitioned plans and documents - note that this number is in excess (1591) of the 2804 above and is due to multiple requests for amendment for numerous reasons
            2818 (64%) = Minor plan amendment - consent of council not required
            394 (9%) = Major plan amendment - consent of council required
            81 (2%) = Recertification requests

            603 (14%) = Amendment to abstract of field records
            481 (11%) = Amendment to Surveyors Reports
            18 (0.5%) = Other

    The average time to registration for non-requisitioned plans is 6 days shorter than for requisitioned plans.
    UDIA will be working closely with LUV to alleviate these issues and provide information that will help them with identifying resource requirements.