• New process enabling five day subdivision registration


    New process enabling five day subdivision registration


    Following UDIA’s success in securing a five day business turnaround commitment from Land Use Victoria (LUV) for registrations of subdivisions of 10+ lots, LUV is trialling a new system to speed up the process and get more lots released onto the market more quickly. 

    The process aims for registration of these plans within five business days from lodgement – provided there are no errors on the plans or any other documents required for registration of the case.

    Lodgements that require re-certification, consent to an amendment by a council or any other amendment to the plan or associated documents, and not satisfied within 24 hours, will lose their priority status and be subject to the standard registration timeframes. 

    Plans of subdivision for over 10 lots make up 15 per cent of all applications, and create around 70 per cent of all new lots. However, around 50 per cent of these lodgements are requisitioned due to errors. 

    The onus is therefore on developers and consultants to ensure plans and all associated documents are correct if they want to receive priority attention. 

    The new system is on trial until the end of June. It will then be reviewed. 

    Land Use Victoria encourages everyone involved in lodging plans of subdivision to carefully check all details of the plans and associated documents to avoid them being requisitioned. 

    The performance target for registration of all other plans is 15 business days from lodgement. 

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