• CEDA release research report on the issue of housing


    CEDA release research report on the issue of housing

    The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) released a report on 28th August examining the current state of Australian housing affordability from a policy perspective. The report focuses on:

    • Housing trends in Australia;
    • The experience of Australia’s housing sector compared with other countries in the OECD;
    • Supply of housing: from land availability to changes in the composition of housing stock;
    • Drivers of demand and possible policy levers; and
    • The intergenerational consequences of high housing costs and falling home ownership.
    CEDA research and Policy Committee Chairman, Professor Rodney Maddock has said the report indicates that “despite the outlook of continued growth there are options for government to ease pressure and ensure long term negative consequences are reduced.”

    To read the press release on the report, please see here. To read the full report, please see here